Clear Tote Caps


• Clear, Pre-cut, Gusseted Bags
• Perforated bags on a roll with a 3" core
• Made out of Low Density Polyethylene
• FDA approved for food contact, documentation provided on request.

These tote caps, or pallet covers, are clear, pre-cut, gusseted bags on a roll.  The perforated bags are wrapped around a 3" core so they are easily dispensed.  These poly bags can also be used to line a shallow bin or Gaylord. Full paletts only.

Not sure what size you need?  Here's how to measure to get the right fit.

Product Specifications For a Full Pallet
Bag Size Roll Width Bags Per Roll Bags Per Pallet Rolls Per Pallet Weight Per Roll Weight Per Pallet 
48" x 44" x 40" x 0.00135 mm 44" 200 5,000 25* 68.69 lb 1,762.25 lb
50" x 46" x 44" x 0.00125 mm 46" 200 3,200 16 73.216 lb 1,216.46 lb
55" x 42" x 80" x 0.0009 mm 42" 100 4,000 40 46.56 lb 1,907.4 lb

*For a pallet containing an odd number of rolls, half and quarters sizes are rounded up ie: half a pallet of 25 rolls will have 13 rolls and a quarter pallet will have 7.