Industries Served

Western States Packaging has been a direct supplier of flexible packaging since 1994 and has been specializing in auto-inserter film since its beginning. Working closely with auto-bag inserter machine manufacturers, we’ve refined our expertise over the years to bring you bags and tubing made to exacting standards. We know how much of a headache the difference of an 1/8” can cause along with different quality material from order to order. That’s why we stand behind every single plastic bag that leaves our plant. Our goal is to keep your inserters up and running 24/7. There’s no question that WSP bags are made to the highest standards, combine that with our index based pricing programs, our cost savings and material standardization programs, our right size programs, and you’ve got the best choice in direct film suppliers around. 

Our in house technical support staff has over 30 years’ experience in the flexible packaging industry and is reachable by phone 24/7. We are familiar with the unique demands of food packaging as we have already been servicing that industry for several years. We have worked with many different markets in the many industries that we work with on a daily basis, which you can find a brief list of down below. We believe your company will benefit greatly from forming a relationship with Western States Packaging for its packaging needs. Please call anytime and let us know what we can do to earn your consideration.

 Examples of WSP Technical Support!

1. Recently, WSP was asked to troubleshoot the following situation occurring at a food processing facility. 
   The company was receiving customer complaints noting pieces of poly bags tearing off into their product as the bag was being removed.
   As their new supplier, we were asked to visit the facility, diagnose the problem and create a solution.
   Using our knowledge of the manufacturing process and the auto inserter machine being used, we were able to discover and remedy the customer's problem.  We learned that the previous supplier had been creating a weak seal and an inconsistent perforation line in their poly bags. Because the machine being used requires an easy perforation line, the bags were tearing at the seal and leaving a portion of the tail in the product.
   We were able to improve upon the previous supplier's manufacturing process to create a stronger seal and an easier perforation line so the bags would run properly through the client's machine without tearing and leaving pieces in the product.

2. We received a call from one of our accounts, noting pieces of poly were being found in their product. Upon site inspection the following day and photos of the returned product, we found the left rear vacuum plenum had worn and created a sharp edge which was tearing a hole in every bag in the same spot. The customer was able to change out the plenum and provide a corrective action to their customer.

3. We received a call from an account who stated that their product was leaking. During the site inspection, we found the customer was cuffing the bag over the box corners not allowing the bag to properly settle in the box which created a pillow effect. When the product was added to the box, the sharp edges of the box would pierce the bag. To correct for this, we widened the bag to reduce the pillowing effect and improved the material structure which increased the dart impact of the bag.


A Sample of the Industries We Serve

poly-bag-strawberriesFruits such as Apples, Cherries and Strawberries. We make a variety of product for Fresh, IQF and Dehydrated applications.

poly-bag-iqf-cornVegetables such as Peppers, Onions, Potatoes and Corn. We make a variety of product for Fresh, IQF, Dehydrated and cooked applications.

poly-bag-beefMeats and Seafood such as Beef (patties to bulk) , Chicken and Fish. We make a variety of product for Fresh, IQF applications.

Poultry products, like chicken and turkey: we make a variety of products from Fresh and IQF applications.

Edible oils such as Butter, Fats, Shortening, Mayo, Salad dressing and Margarine. We make a variety of product for leak proof applications.


poly-bag-iqf-mozzarellaCheese such as IQF Mozzarella and fresh Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Colby. We make a variety of product for Fresh and IQF applications.

poly-bag-almondsNuts and Grains such as Almonds, Macadamias, Peanuts, Pistachios, Walnuts and Cereals. We make a variety of product for Fresh and Vacuum applications.

chocolate-chips-poly-bagConfections such as Chocolate, Candy and fillings. We make a variety of product for Fresh and Frozen applications.

bakery-itemsBakery, such as Bread and Frozen dough. We make a variety of product for Fresh and Frozen applications.

We make a variety of products suitable for the drywall industry.


 Food Industry as a Focus

industries-served-strawberriesWhen it comes to poly, some manufacturers will tell you they focus on the food industry and they actually believe that an FDA letter is sufficient to meet that demand. At Western States, we know that you spent the time and money to go GFSI so we did the same. We are “A” rated with BRC. Prior to being BRC rated, we were AIB rated for 15 years. We have felt it is important to keep current with our customers' demands and food safety regulations. We tell our customers you can't make mobile home sheeting and fire retardant film in your process and say you make film that is safe for food contact. That is why we picked the type of customer we would serve and stayed true to that segment. 

We have taken our responsibility as a food contact manufacturer seriously and know that we must be on the front line in preventing food borne illnesses which is why we have Food Safety programs, such as HACCP and everything from Raw Materials Inspections and validation to Supplier Audits in place.

We know that the product we manufacturer lines the box of the product you make and that makes its way to our homes and our favorite restaurants. We sleep easy knowing we did our part responsibly in the food chain process.



 Applications for WSP Products

In addition to the wide variety of bag on a roll and tubing stock that we make for automated applications we can also manufactur a wide variety of hand pack bags, bin and tote liners, sheeting, pallet caps, and wicketted bags and tubing. We also offer a wide variety of material types, colors, and material densities that cover a wide variety of scenarios that you might need addressed in your process.